My Ministry iOS App



This application will allow you to track your service time.

More information to follow…



  1. Looks great. Nice and simple. Two feature requests. 1 a way to keep track of service plans on the calendar. 2 a way to keep track of calls, perhaps with reminders to go see them.



    1. Hello.

      Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll look at working up a way to
      do the service plans.

      I’m working on a second app to handle calls. Still
      Working out the logistics on what the screens should look like so it’s fast and easy.

      Appreciate the feedback.

      1. Can you add a feature that allows you to just start a timer to record your time out in the ministry? The app I used for the last two years allowed me to hit a timer button and it would just run until you stopped your time and it will record it. Can you also add the option to text your time to your field service overseer please?

      2. I’m considering it but until I have one for myself its on the backburner. Watch this space since I’ll announce here if I do.

        Thanks for using my app.

    2. Look for my next update, just submitted to the app store today. You will be able to set service plans which will display an indicator on the calendar for all plans on days that are greater than or equal to the current date. You will also be able to set a reminder, so that the day before the application will alert you that you have plans coming up on the following day, so you can prepare.

  2. Looks great, I really like it so far. The only drawback that I see right now is that I can’t track my RBC hours.

    1. Hello David.

      Thanks for the positive feedback. The good news is you can track your RBC/pioneer school/other credit hours.

      If you go to the third tab which are settings you will see a switch to indicate you are a pioneer. Turn that on and set your yearly goal 840 (I didn’t set that value incase some with different goals used the app).

      Once that toggle is set you will see a new box called Credit Hours. Put your RBC hours there. You will also get a new line on the trending screen to see if your reported hours are ahead or behind for the year.

      Hope that helps. I’ll work on getting this site updated with that information.

  3. Thanks for this app. I love it. It’s simple and isn’t cluttered. I love all the options. It really helps me keep track of my ministry. Great job!

  4. Love love love this. I really like how you can see the whole month. It’s so simple. This is definitely going to help me keep track of my time and get it turned in on time!!! Thank you!!!

    1. I am planning to. However there were major changes to the icloud implementation and I’m still trying to see how to safely integrate it without losing your data. Once I do that I will implement it.

  5. Is there a way to get my August data, it is not allowing me to as it is a new service year. Also, I can not seem to track my hours on the service year graph. This is such a great app, and I love using it!

      1. I am having a difficult time figuring out how to get the app to show my averages and also the bar graph shows zero for every month

  6. I am using your app on an iPad Air 2 running iOS 11. The problem I am having is that when I get past the middle of the month and forget to put my time in for the previous day, it won’t let me go back and add it. It was fine until the last couple updates to iOS.

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