Time zone bug!


I  am traveling today and noticed a nasty bug. the calendar will show empty in the new time zone. 

Be assured the data is not lost. I show the values based on the date selected. The issue is the way ios handles time zone. I hadn’t taken that into account. My assumption was that since I simply stored the date it would still find it. However that is not the case. 

i will be working on a fix as soon as I return home. Hopefully will be In the App Store in the next week or so. 

If you do travel, please be aware of this bug. if you don’t change your time zone on your phone there will be no issues. 

i really apologize for th inconvenience. 



  1. Is this perhaps a DST change bug versus a time zone change bug? I lost data over night, and iOS 7 did not fall back an hour on my iPhone 5 as it should have done so automatically.

    1. Weird. I am so sorry. My phone adjusted and all my data is there. I lost it when I flew out of town.

      Your data is still there but my queries aren’t finding it. If your phone didn’t adjust that is my guess as to why it’s not there.

      I am back in town at the end of the week and will work to correct this ASAP. So sorry for the hassle.

      1. Me? No I can’t access your data. But the queries pull the data to display based on the date.

        Say you click on November 3rd the query is executed select record where date is equal to November 3rd.

        Since the time zone is used November 3rd is actually November 3rd MST 12:00:00 am.

        When you change time zones it would look for the record equal to November 3rd PST 12:00:00 am

        Thus is doesn’t find it.

        I’ll be writing a conversion to store the data avoiding the time element. Hope to get to that Saturday as I am away this week and don’t have my computer with me.

        I will get this fixed.

        Sent from my iPhone

      1. I didn’t get a chance to find out one way or the other, because I had already replaced the data manually before I had even read this blog post.

      2. My update might end up merging the data into one set of records. I have posted the app for review yesterday. It’s been in review about 24 hours. I’m hoping it goes live in the next day or so.

        Once this update goes the data won’t be tied to a time zone.

        Unfortunately you may see doubled time. I hope not. But that might happen.

        But once the update happens you will be able to use the app anywhere without further issues.
        Thanks for the update.

      3. Since I had only just downloaded your app a few days before the time change, there was only one day’s worth of info in question. But I’ll keep an eye peeled for anything amiss.

  2. I have an iPhone 3GS with IOS 6.1, will I be able to use this app with it?
    It looks like an excellent way to keep tract of my service time. Thank you

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