Track return visits & calls?


I have seen several comments in iTunes asking for a call book feature.  My purpose of My Ministry was to provide a simple Time & Placement tracker without the need to delve into call management.  I am working on a second app which will be a call book replacement.  However that will be a ways out, as I am still working out what I consider to be a simple and intuitive UI to navigate to make the app feel like a paper replacement.  Secondly I am still working on iCloud integration on My Ministry which I want to have completed before moving on to a new app.

Thanks again for all the comments.



  1. Thanks for such a great app, some of the features it has, just can not be found in other apps. Just one sugestion, Is it possible to have password?

  2. love the app ,very simple and easy to use right to the point.There always has to be a but, just wish i could track rvs

    1. Hello Trav.

      Thanks for the positive feedback. I’m glad you like the simplicity of this app which was the purpose of it. Just track my time & placements.

      Adding an RV component to this app would lose the simplicity that I was trying to achieve.

      However I am working on a call book app that will allow tracking of RVs. Haven’t had much time to focus on it yet. But the goal is the same. Simple. Functional. Calls and Rvs only.

      Have a great day.

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