Dropbox integration coming for backing up your data.


I hope that you are finding My Ministry a useful application, which can help simplify managing your time in service.

One feature I have wanted to implement was an iCloud sync to ensure data isn’t lost if for some reason you are not able to restore from a previous backup.  I have seen several times when I have issues with my iPhone, the first response from the genius bar is to restore the phone as new and not from the iCloud backup (where your data normally would be stored).

However due to the fact of only having a single entry per day, and predetermined service year data structures, it seemed to me that introducing an iCloud two way sync would actually potentially introduce serious issues if you initialized service years on multiple devices when they weren’t attached to the cloud, and preventing data corruption if that happened would be challenging, if not impossible.

Therefore, I have decided to take a simpler approach which will allow you to link My Ministry to your http://www.dropbox.com account (if you choose to) and manually backup the data to a special folder in that account, and then if needed, restore it back from there.

This will provide the ability to save data off the phone in the case you need to get it back, without the additional risk of data corruption when sharing across multiple devices in off-line modes.

I have started working on this update and hope to have something out by the end of next month.

Stay tuned.


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