Where did my last service year go?


I have had several questions on what happened to my last service year?

The design of My Ministry is to be extremely simple, so that you are able to focus on one thing, entering your time fast and easy. Therefore it shows a single service year at a time, but all your data is still there.

To switch service years click on the Service Year view and use the navigation buttons to go back…

When you open My Ministry and navigate to that tab – it may appear that all your data is gone.

New Service Year

Select the LEFT arrow button to navigate back, and all your information from the previous service year will be present.

Previous Service Year

That’s it!  Now you can see all your data form the previous year.  If you need to report August, simply scroll to the month of August and select a date in August and you will be able to report it.

If you click on the arrow and the service year hasn’t been created yet you will be prompted to create the shell to hold the data.  You can select yes or no – pressing yes will create it, no will keep you on the service year you are currently looking at.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Sep 1, 2014, 10.07.08 AM

Hope you found this post helpful.  Please note, when you close My Ministry and reopen it, it always selects todays date for quick data entry.

If you find My Ministry helpful, please leave a review in the app store.



  1. I like the look and simplicity of the app. A question though…I’m planning to get a new phone. And I’ve “backed up” My Ministry from my current phone to dropbox. How do I make sure the data from my current phone gets onto my new phone?


    1. If you restore from an ios backup your data will be there. If not then ensuring your backup is current is important.

      The backup is to a point in time so you want to make sure you back up your data after your last update so it will be current.

      When you install my ministry on a new iPhone or iPad connect it to your dropbox account and then Click the restore button (make sure you don’t hit backup from the empty app or you’ll overwrite your backup). All your data should load that way.

      I’ve done that to put my time on my iPad for safe keeping.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. Hello,

    My apologies if this has been answered already:

    The previous year can be accessed on a summary scale as discussed above. But I would like to get into each month to review comments I made. I am having difficulty accessing this data. Please assist.


  3. Did you go to the service year tab and press the previous service year arrow and then go to the calendar and scroll where you want to go?

    That’s how you get to other service years. Other service years start I’m September so you need to scroll forward to August. Check out the video I posted.

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