Partial Hour Carry Over

One of the most requested items I have had for My Ministry is to roll over partial hours into the following month.

This will be coming in the 1.3.0 update – which is currently in beta testing.

Basically anytime the total hours is over 1 hour any partial hours will roll over into the following month’s report.  It will not change the number of hours recorded for the month when looking at the graphs.

For example:

Recorded time for September is 10.5 hours

Recorded time for October is 10.5 hours

The report mailed to the Group Overseer will be 10 hours for September, but 11 for October.

Sept-Partial Oct-Partialservice-year



  1. I love this app but my graph is not updating. I noticed that My Ministry is not included in my notification setting. How do I get it to show up there?

    1. Hello.

      For the time to show in the graph the month needs to be marked reported. It does this by clicking the mail button to send the report. If you aren’t sending the report from the app then you need to toggle that off in the settings and press the button that looks like a box where the envelope used to be.

      For notifications on iOS 8.4 please make sure you approved them. If you said no on install then you need to turn them back on in settings.

  2. Hello,
    Great app for my ministry!!! I love how simple it is. The only thing is that my time before I added today said 12.76 hours. After adding .30 minutes to my time, it now says 13.06. If my addition is correct, shouldn’t it be 13.22 hours?
    Please help!! I need my time to be accurate.
    Thank you,

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