How should I enter minutes?


I have had several people confused with the correct way to enter minutes when using My Ministry. I would like to explain how to do it and why I chose this way.

In order to keep My Ministry simple and easy to use, I decided against tracking actual minutes and went with whole and partial hours. This makes tracking time simple and fast. The majority of the publishers I asked tracked at 1/4 hours or 15 minute intervals. Therefore that is how it adds the time. 3/4 of an hour is 45 mintes. So to enter 3/4 of an hour, you need to use that decimal representation of it which is .75.

15 minutes = 1/4 of an hour = .25

30 minutes = 1/2 of an hour = .50

45 minutes = 3/4 of an hour = .75

Therefore, if you have worked 3 hours and 15 minutes, you’d need to enter 3.25 which represents 3 & 1/4 HOURS

If you want to track at a more granular minute level, then you’d need to figure out what your minutes represents as a portion of an hour.  For example 40 minutes would be 2/3 of an hour or approximately .66.

I hope this helps explain how to correctly enter time in My Ministry.



  1. Hello,
    Thank you very much for this explanation! I really appreciate it. I’m gonna have to go back day by day and figure out the correct fraction of an hour to get a more accurate number of hours. It seems simple enough tho. I just have to calculate every now and then. Lol other than that I totally love this app!!! The simplicity and the note option and the daily entries really help.
    Thank you for this app my brother!!!

  2. Thanks for the help. When i try to type in a number it doesn’t show the decimal point. On the keypad no decimal point shows up for me to be able to show fractional time.

      1. Its when I enter credit ours, I’m an Maintenance Trainer for the LDC, and many times I’m needing to enter fractional time for answering phone calls and emails each day. But on the the credit time it only allows whole hours. No decimal point. For the regular service time a decimal point shows up. I can send you a screen shot… where should I send it to?

      2. Oh ok.

        That’s been reported to me before and unfortunately I haven’t been able to fix it yet.

        Once the update for placements comes out I’ll try and get to that.

        I only work on the app when I have free time so unfortunately some fixes take a little longer than others to get to.

  3. I am new to this app so I was extremely confused as to why you allowed counting time like this. Which to me makes no sense to be honest. So in order to make sense of this in my head, you’re saying that we are rounding our time in the app. For instance if i finished my time today at 3 hours and 20 mins, am I rounding to what? .25 or .50? Will you ever consider just using regular clock time and not this? Just wondering. Thank you for understanding my frustration. Overall, i do enjoy this app, i just don’t agree too much with counting the time because i feel i’m being thrown off and don’t want to count more time if i did not preform the duty. That’s just me though! I don’t want to add more time than what i have actually given and don’t want not count what i did give. Does this make sense? And thank you so much for helping me with this.

    1. Hello, I understand using counting time at 15/30/45 minutes to be .25/.50/.75 can be confusing for some. It’s how I decided to implement the counting to limit bugs and development time as that is how I think about time. I appreciate the question, it’s been asked before, but I don’t currently have plans to make a change to this. If you prefer to enter minutes directly, please use a different app like MyTime or similar. I built this to be simple to use and maintain so it doesn’t consume a lot of time.

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