New app waiting approval


I have submitted an update to the Apple Store review process which has the changes for our updated reporting requirements.

Here is an updated look of the new user interface:



These changes will apply retroactively, so your previous placements will show as combined under “placements” once the new build is installed.

Because of this, I have requested the new build to be released on January 6th (if it passes Apple’s review process by then) which should allow you to report Decmeber correctly, then starting in January you can use the new fields.

Don’t worry about recording Magazines, Books, etc when you start the new year, once the new app is installed it will combine them.

Hope you continue to find My Ministry useful, and as always, reviews in the App Store are appreciated.



    1. Hello.

      You can simply enter the time in the previous months. To get it in the graph, just switch the send report off and once you enter the time hit the report button and it will be considered reported.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Good morning Bro.

        I have being using the other filed service the one That has the brief case, I have last 3-4 services years back up, is there a way to ad to yours those services years with out being tedious?

        F. del Olmo-Pandiella 541-760-5858 PO.Box 1991 Corvallis, Oregon 97339

  1. Thanks for the app and update. It’s a great tool. Just one observation, I think the “studies” field is not working properly. It keeps the last entered value and don’t reset when you change days or add up when you send the report. Also, could you add that field to the monthly totals at the end of the home page?
    Thanks again!

    1. Hello. The studies field is working correctly. We report the number of Different studies each month. Each time you conduct the study you mark a return visit. So if you have a study with bob and another with Tony in January that’s 2 studies. If conducted it 3 times with Bob and 5 times with Tony that 8 return visits. Hope that helps.

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