Backup Reminder & Credit Hour Fix


I hope that the updated version of My Ministry has been beneficial to everyone who is using it.  I am surprised that several people weren’t aware of the change in reporting field service.  However the changes made were based on the latest direction.

I have another update that I am working on.  The first fix relates to the Credit Hours field.  Seems it was missing the decimal point.  I have corrected that and made sure that the totals also reflected the decimal point.

Simulator Screen Shot Jan 24, 2016, 9.22.42 PM.pngSimulator Screen Shot Jan 15, 2016, 9.29.50 PM.png

This should help those who use the app for LDC work where they may have partial hours on a given day.

Another request I have received is to provide a reminder to backup My Ministry.  I have worked out what I think will be a simple reminder that will provide the functionality, but won’t be cumbersome.

I have added a toggle on the backup screen.  Once set, you will be reminded to backup *if* your last backup was more than a week ago.  The reminder happens when you launch the app.  If you do not backup at that point, you will be reminded again when at least one day has passed since the last reminder.

So if you regularly backup, you might never see the reminder :).

Simulator Screen Shot Jan 24, 2016, 9.22.15 PMSimulator Screen Shot Jan 24, 2016, 9.21.41 PM

I appreciate all the feedback and the reviews in the App Store.  I hope you continue to find My Ministry useful.

Note:  This app is solely for tracking time.  This is not meant to serve as a Return Visit app.  I had thought about writing one, but unfortunately I haven’t had the needed time to focus on that.



  1. Hey, nice Work. I love using it. It good and straight forward. Also it can be use for RV already under the notes area. Anyway great job, if your thinking of translating it to Spanish, let me know. I’ll gladly would love to help.


  2. Hello! I LOVE and CHERISH the app! Thank you for your hard work and willingness to help others!
    I have a slight problem! I hit the box that looks like it has files in it by mistake, and it took my hours, thus far, and put it on the graph; However, I am not done with my service time! How may it get reset so the balance of this month can be added in as well?
    ((Unless, if I hit it at the end of the month, it gets reset again to reflect my months totals?)) Thank you for any assistance on this matter!! 😏

  3. Trying to figure out how the +\- hours are calculated, I feel this changed with one of the updates earlier this year. I am a pioneer and would think this would be towards your yearly 840.

    1. Hello.

      The way it works is it divides your yearly goal then as credit hours to regular hours up to your monthly Max. So if you had 50 hours and we 30 credit the amount calculated for the year would only be 70 since credit hours don’t exceed the 70.

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