It’s been a while…..


It’s been a while since my last update.  The reason is My Ministry seems to be working well, and with little issues out there.

However because of changes to the Dropbox service I have needed to update my app with new Dropbox extensions.  This required a new release of My Ministry with those changes implemented as well as a couple of upgraded iOS calls that have changed with iOS 10.  I am not supporting a lower iOS version, so only those on iOS 10 and up will get this upgrade.  If you don’t plan to upgrade to iOS 10, please note that in June 2017, Dropbox functionality will no longer work, since Dropbox will no longer support the integration the previous version uses.

As always, if you experience any issues or have any questions, please shoot me an email.




  1. Hi, possible little bug. The current day is highlighted fine in the app. But when a select a day in the past, it’s not always highlighted. I can tell it’s selected by looking at the totals at the bottom. But it doesn’t always turn blue. iPhone SE. iOS 10.2. Thanks Steve

    1. Hi Steve.

      First thanks for using my ministry. Hope you find it useful.

      I have tried to replicate the issue and I’m not able to at all. If I see it happen I’ll fix it.


      1. Thanks – I know it’s almost impossible to fix wha t you can’t replicate. If it helps, this month, I can select dates from the 1st till the 9th, but after that they don’t turn blue. Previous (and future) months behave fine.

        It’s a great app and I do find it very useful. I do wish it had a ‘total hours’ figure at the bottom in the monthly totals section (which would be the sum of hours and credit).


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