Issue with Third Party Keyboards


A recent bug was reported with the new layouts that is caused by inconsistent behavior with third party keyboards such as GBoard, SwithKey.

They provide inconsistent data and firing of events, which can cause the screen to appear blank and required you to force close and reopen.  I am working on a fix for this and have it in testing, but if you encounter this issue, please use My Ministry with the standard apple keyboard until a new release is out.

Thank you.



  1. So far, I have loved the app. However, early this morning, 9/1/2018, I tried to email my secretary my August report. I find no way to access it. It is literally only hours since the service year ended. Surely there is a way to turn in my time! If not, you should publish the caveat that you must email your time before midnight the end of the service year!!

  2. Sorry, I never saw the below comments till after I sent my worries about last month’s service. Problem solved! Thanks!
    Mary Dilworth

  3. I have force closed the app. I am opening to sept & October calendars but cannot find my August report. There is no way to scroll to it. The yearly report is not finding it for me either. If I have missed something I’m sorry to bother u.

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