Where did my last service year go? (Re-posted)

Some are still having issues with My Ministry when it changes to the new service year.  DON’T PANIC😁!! Your time for last year is still there and easily accessible!! ALL YOUR DATA IS STILL THERE! 😄

It just requires you to change your service year and flip to the monthly view.

By default My Ministry scrolls to the current date for quick entry. When you change service years it starts in September.

So you need to scroll to August. Scroll forward not backward since the service year goes from September to August.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to do it.


Please note:  A new release is coming with the labels to make it more intuitive.

As always, reviews are really helpful

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I have had several questions on what happened to my last service year?

The design of My Ministry is to be extremely simple, so that you are able to focus on one thing, entering your time fast and easy. Therefore it shows a single service year at a time, but all your data is still there.

To switch service years click on the Service Year view and use the navigation buttons to go back…

When you open My Ministry and navigate to that tab – it may appear that all your data is gone.

New Service Year

Select the LEFT arrow button to navigate back, and all your information from the previous service year will be present.

Previous Service Year

That’s it!  Now you can see all your data form the previous year.  If you need to report August, simply scroll to the month of August and select a date in August and you will be able…

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  1. I have found that this app does an inconsistent and inaccurate job of tabulating my monthly time. When I review my time under the “Service Time” tab, the monthly totals are usually wrong. As a result, the total number of hours YTD are always wrong. I then have to recalculate individual monthly hours to get the accurate YTD figure. What’s the point of the app if I have to tabulate it manually to get an accurate count? If there is a fix for this problem, fine. If not, I’ll have to use another app.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean data didn’t calculate correctly? I’ve heard of no one else where they are encountering issues on calculating their time. I’ve never had a problem. Are you entering the time properly? 90 minutes would be 1.5 and 45 minutes would be .75? The app calculates based on portion of hours not minutes. 30 minutes is 1/2 hour or .5.

  2. Today’s is the first of Sept, and I can’t go back to see the time I put in for August. I read your: Where Did My Service Time Go, and I understand I can view last service year hours but I need to actually see the month of August. I also saw: “If you need to report August, simply scroll to the month of August and select a date in August and you will be able…” But how do I “scroll” to that month, August is gone. Please help, I need to turn in my time. Thanks very much!

    1. Hello. Just click on the left arrow on the service year tab. That switches the service year. Then click on the daily view – now you’ll see September but it’s last year, scroll to august in a forward manner. Click on any day in august. Press send. Hope that helps.

      1. Ahh, got it! Thank you so much! And for the quick reply! Enjoying this simple app! Take care! 🙂

  3. Is it possible to have more than one user at a time in the app? I would like to add a family member so they can report their time separately, how do I go about doing that?

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