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Update is coming….


It has been a while since I provided an update.  However with iPhone X out there I needed to finally address the layout of My Ministry.  This means I will only support iOS 11 going forward, which limits the devices to the following:

  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s

I apologize if your model loses support, however I just can’t support more than one iOS version as it is too time consuming for me.

You will seem some minor layout tweaks – however it should all work just as it does today.

Additionally I have had several requests to have an option to start the calendar week on Monday rather than Sunday – this will also be included in this release.

This will take a little testing, but expect to see it in the next couple of weeks.

Here is a sample with the changes.



It’s been a while…..


It’s been a while since my last update.  The reason is My Ministry seems to be working well, and with little issues out there.

However because of changes to the Dropbox service I have needed to update my app with new Dropbox extensions.  This required a new release of My Ministry with those changes implemented as well as a couple of upgraded iOS calls that have changed with iOS 10.  I am not supporting a lower iOS version, so only those on iOS 10 and up will get this upgrade.  If you don’t plan to upgrade to iOS 10, please note that in June 2017, Dropbox functionality will no longer work, since Dropbox will no longer support the integration the previous version uses.

As always, if you experience any issues or have any questions, please shoot me an email.


Backup Reminder & Credit Hour Fix


I hope that the updated version of My Ministry has been beneficial to everyone who is using it.  I am surprised that several people weren’t aware of the change in reporting field service.  However the changes made were based on the latest direction.

I have another update that I am working on.  The first fix relates to the Credit Hours field.  Seems it was missing the decimal point.  I have corrected that and made sure that the totals also reflected the decimal point.

Simulator Screen Shot Jan 24, 2016, 9.22.42 PM.pngSimulator Screen Shot Jan 15, 2016, 9.29.50 PM.png

This should help those who use the app for LDC work where they may have partial hours on a given day.

Another request I have received is to provide a reminder to backup My Ministry.  I have worked out what I think will be a simple reminder that will provide the functionality, but won’t be cumbersome.

I have added a toggle on the backup screen.  Once set, you will be reminded to backup *if* your last backup was more than a week ago.  The reminder happens when you launch the app.  If you do not backup at that point, you will be reminded again when at least one day has passed since the last reminder.

So if you regularly backup, you might never see the reminder :).

Simulator Screen Shot Jan 24, 2016, 9.22.15 PMSimulator Screen Shot Jan 24, 2016, 9.21.41 PM

I appreciate all the feedback and the reviews in the App Store.  I hope you continue to find My Ministry useful.

Note:  This app is solely for tracking time.  This is not meant to serve as a Return Visit app.  I had thought about writing one, but unfortunately I haven’t had the needed time to focus on that.

New app waiting approval


I have submitted an update to the Apple Store review process which has the changes for our updated reporting requirements.

Here is an updated look of the new user interface:



These changes will apply retroactively, so your previous placements will show as combined under “placements” once the new build is installed.

Because of this, I have requested the new build to be released on January 6th (if it passes Apple’s review process by then) which should allow you to report Decmeber correctly, then starting in January you can use the new fields.

Don’t worry about recording Magazines, Books, etc when you start the new year, once the new app is installed it will combine them.

Hope you continue to find My Ministry useful, and as always, reviews in the App Store are appreciated.

Update coming soon


I wanted to let you know that I am working on a release to keep in harmony with the latest direction.  I have completed the slightly new layout, with Placements and Video Showings and have updated the service year at a glance tab.

These changes will go retroactive to keep my ministry simple, and easy to follow.  Therefore my plan is to release the new build in the first week of January, so that December reports can be processed with Magazines, Books, Brochures & Tracts.

I am finalizing my testing to ensure everything works as expected with this large change to how we track and report of monthly service.

I am also planning future updates once this one is released around reminding those who have connected to Dropbox, to back up at a regular interval when the app is opened.

Hope you are continuing to find My Ministry useful.

Where did my last service year go? (Re-posted)

Some are still having issues with My Ministry when it changes to the new service year.  DON’T PANIC😁!! Your time for last year is still there and easily accessible!! ALL YOUR DATA IS STILL THERE! 😄

It just requires you to change your service year and flip to the monthly view.

By default My Ministry scrolls to the current date for quick entry. When you change service years it starts in September.

So you need to scroll to August. Scroll forward not backward since the service year goes from September to August.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to do it.

Please note:  A new release is coming with the labels to make it more intuitive.

As always, reviews are really helpful

the purring pigeon


I have had several questions on what happened to my last service year?

The design of My Ministry is to be extremely simple, so that you are able to focus on one thing, entering your time fast and easy. Therefore it shows a single service year at a time, but all your data is still there.

To switch service years click on the Service Year view and use the navigation buttons to go back…

When you open My Ministry and navigate to that tab – it may appear that all your data is gone.

New Service Year

Select the LEFT arrow button to navigate back, and all your information from the previous service year will be present.

Previous Service Year

That’s it!  Now you can see all your data form the previous year.  If you need to report August, simply scroll to the month of August and select a date in August and you will be able…

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How should I enter minutes?


I have had several people confused with the correct way to enter minutes when using My Ministry. I would like to explain how to do it and why I chose this way.

In order to keep My Ministry simple and easy to use, I decided against tracking actual minutes and went with whole and partial hours. This makes tracking time simple and fast. The majority of the publishers I asked tracked at 1/4 hours or 15 minute intervals. Therefore that is how it adds the time. 3/4 of an hour is 45 mintes. So to enter 3/4 of an hour, you need to use that decimal representation of it which is .75.

15 minutes = 1/4 of an hour = .25

30 minutes = 1/2 of an hour = .50

45 minutes = 3/4 of an hour = .75

Therefore, if you have worked 3 hours and 15 minutes, you’d need to enter 3.25 which represents 3 & 1/4 HOURS

If you want to track at a more granular minute level, then you’d need to figure out what your minutes represents as a portion of an hour.  For example 40 minutes would be 2/3 of an hour or approximately .66.

I hope this helps explain how to correctly enter time in My Ministry.