How to use My Ministry

Text messaging option added to My Ministry

Several people have requested the option to send a text message to their secretary rather than sending an email.  The new version of My Ministry has been submitted today with that feature.

A couple of minor UI tweaks were also included, some spacing and changing the highlight color of the switches to match the selected text colors.

Again I welcome any feedback and appreciate any reviews.



Track return visits & calls?


I have seen several comments in iTunes asking for a call book feature.  My purpose of My Ministry was to provide a simple Time & Placement tracker without the need to delve into call management.  I am working on a second app which will be a call book replacement.  However that will be a ways out, as I am still working out what I consider to be a simple and intuitive UI to navigate to make the app feel like a paper replacement.  Secondly I am still working on iCloud integration on My Ministry which I want to have completed before moving on to a new app.

Thanks again for all the comments.

Version 1.1.0 now available


The latest version on My Ministry is now available for download in the App Store.

I recommend updating right away to have the following updates:

1- track your tracts
2- mark a month reported without emailing it if that is your preference.
3- works in any time zone.

I hope you are finding this app useful and as always I welcome any comments or questions.


Ps. I’d appreciate a review in the App Store if you feel so inclined.

Are you tracking your tracts?

The newest version of My Ministry is in final testing and I am hoping to get it to the App Store today for review. 

This new release will fix the time zone bug I’ve been commenting about. However it will add two new features. 


1.  In accord with the new direction you’ll be able to record tracts 

2.  For those who do not wish to email their report an option will allow you to turn that off and just mark the month reported. 

I hope you are finding My Ministry easy to use. If so I would really appreciate a review in the App Store. 


Time Zone Bug – Update


First I want to apologize for the inconvenience encountered with the time zone bug if you have been affected.  I am currently working on a fix for the issue.  Without getting too technical, I will need to restructure how My Ministry stores the data so that it will work correctly in any timezone.

The actual data structure change is rather straightforward, however ensuring I don’t lose any of the data already stored in your app is a little more challenging.

What essentially needs to happen if you have opened the app in more than one time zone is to merge the two record sets where possible.  I believe I have a solution that will work and result in the best possible solution, with little to no data loss.  The real challenge comes in if you actually entered data in both data sets – if not, then the migration will be trivial.

The testing is taking a little longer than anticipated, and I hope to have an update submitted to the app store later this week.

If you have experienced this bug, please feel free to let me know.

As noted before, the data isn’t lost, the app just can’t find the data in the wrong time zone.

Thanks for your patience and understanding of the issue.  Once this is corrected, the app will work no matter where you are.

The one thing that might happen if you are in multiple time zones, is some records may move a day, since they were logged at midnight.  So if you went from Boise to LA, and updated in LA, you would likely see data move a day.

Since 11/11/2013 midnight MST is 11/10/2013 11:00:00pm PST.  Since I don’t know what your home Time Zone is, I need to just flatten to the date stored.

Hope that makes sense.

If you haven’t traveled time zones, you will not notice any differences.

Time zone bug!


I  am traveling today and noticed a nasty bug. the calendar will show empty in the new time zone. 

Be assured the data is not lost. I show the values based on the date selected. The issue is the way ios handles time zone. I hadn’t taken that into account. My assumption was that since I simply stored the date it would still find it. However that is not the case. 

i will be working on a fix as soon as I return home. Hopefully will be In the App Store in the next week or so. 

If you do travel, please be aware of this bug. if you don’t change your time zone on your phone there will be no issues. 

i really apologize for th inconvenience. 

Double reminder to report your time?


I had had switched the reminder behavior with the latest update to display a reminder at 10am on the first rather than the 2nd. 

Unfortunately the original reminder was still there. So this month there were two for people who had 1.0.4 version and upgraded to 1.0.8. 

This double reminder should be fixed. I apologize for the inconvenience. 

Thanks for using My Ministry and if you like it I’d appreciate a review in the App Store!

What if I am a pioneer?

My Ministry will allow pioneers to track their time, including RBC, Pioneer School and other credit hours.  Additionally it will allow you to see how you are trending for the year based on reported months.

First you will need to set the pioneer toggle in the settings section.


This will allow you to enter credit/rbc hours as well.

credit hours example

If your credit hours and your regular service hours do not total your monthly goal, you will be prompted to enter a reason for missing your goal.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Oct 22, 2013 5.55.44 PM

Those credit hours and reasons for missing will be present in the email.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Oct 22, 2013 5.56.16 PM

And these values will display in your trend to see how you are doing for the year.  Please note, that the hour trend is on reported months only.


Changes to My Ministry


First we have a new icon, which I think looks better on the screen.


Thank you for your comments and feedback.  Based on reviews and comments the next release will have a few noticeable changes.  First I have added the ability to set service plans on your calendar in My Ministry.  You will also have the option to set a reminder for the plans which will send an alert the prior day around noon, so you can prepare for your plans on the following day.  I decided to keep it simple, and allow you to free type in the box all the plans you have.

New Daily Record Screen

When you select to add plans to the day you will be prompted with this overlay to add the details of your plans.

Reminder Overlay

How to use the My Ministry iOS Application

When you open the application you will be presented with the daily record screen.  It defaults to the current date to allow entry right away.  You may select any date you would like to enter for the current year running Sept – Aug.


With My Ministry, you can add notes to each day to provide you a reminder of what happened on that particular day, promises made to return, thoughts, etc.

Daily Note

















The second tab shows year to date totals that are current, and inclusive of all items. The graph and averages only include months that have been reported.  That decision was made to ensure that your graph and averages are current as of all reported months in case a month is skipped, it won’t lower the averages.


You also need to set up the Secretary and Publisher information to ensure that all features work as intended.

Misc Tab